You’ve always heard it here first

Now that there’s been more than 1000 posts on the Longmont Advocate/LightningRod/Politics sites, and many more previous entries on Chris Rodriguez’s Wrongmont blog, it strikes me how many times the non-politically correct, common sense point of view has proven to be true in the long run vs. the reactionary pushing of underlying agendas.

One of the numerous examples from Chris’s writings – Cooling off a solar flare-up – came in early 2010 when Mayor Bryan Baum was besieged by the local left due to his efforts to halt a program providing solar system rebates to Longmont residential and commercial customers at a cost to the city of $150,000. Continue reading…

Donald R. Cage: Beware of the Boulder County Land Use Comprehensive Plan

This letter is WARNING to all those who support the Boulder County Land Use Comprehensive Plan, and policies – to those that believe it’s a legitimate use of Governmental power to control private rural farmland, the methods of its use, the types of produce grown, the species of animals raised, the subsidizing of selected products and rents, and the commandeering of private property rights by which to accomplish these, all under the guise of “protecting the environment.”

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