Election 2011: Longmont has a hard time leaving party behind

Party matters. Even in a non-partisan race.  That’s the conclusion political science professor Kenneth Bickers of the University of Colorado reached after studying Longmont’s local election results from November. Even with no “R” or “D” on the ballot, he said, voting choices consistently tended to break down along party lines.

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2011 Election Results for the City of Longmont

Spreadsheet of election results broken down by precinct from the 2011 Longmont Municipal Election that was held on November 1st, 2011 are available in the Longmont City Council November 29, 2011 meeting packet under general information items.

Results are only for City of Longmont candidates/issues: Mayor, Council Member Ward 1 and Ward 3, Council Member At Large, City of Longmont Ballot Question 2A (Telecommunications), and City of Longmont Ballot Question 2B (Retention of Municipal Court Judge Van De Hey)

Link: Spreadsheet of election results by precinct (page 25)


Free At Last (X2)

As I’ve written plenty of times, I’ve never been much of a “joiner” of groups, clubs, or organizations.  In the span of less than one year I’ve resigned from two fairly large organizations – one that leans left and one that leans right.  Previously it was my bargaining unit, which is a fairly large federal union.  Now I’ve resigned from the Republican Party. Continue reading…

Longmont 2011 Election Post-Mortem

Well, regardless of how much I’m told how irrelevant I am, since LRod’s visits have skyrocketed leading up to and after the election, it appears some people must be curious on my take on Longmont’s recent election.  I was happy just making my award-winning (and about to win again) chili and listening to music (yep, all 80’s) – but I don’t want to let down my friends and enemas.  So here’s some initial observations. Continue reading…


In one of the biggest blowouts in recent Longmont history, Sean McCoy lost to councilmember-elect Bonnie Finley in a Ward 3 rematch of an election from four years ago.  The numbers so far:

Bonnie Finley  3644  63.20%
Sean McCoy    2122  36.80%

One last bit of advice for soon-to-be former councilmember McCoy:
(Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out) Continue reading…

Home stretch of Longmont 2011 Election: Turnout and projections

Predicting voter turnout is never an easy task, especially in off (or odd) year elections like this years.  Predicting actual winners is equally difficult as it all boils down to who gets out the vote and who doesn’t.  I’ll try to make a stab at these with educated guesses based on past history and trends. Continue reading…

Home stretch of Longmont 2011 Election: The money game

With just a couple of days left to get votes in, there are some races that can already be called.  Of course, I’m talking about the money race, as of the 3rd Reporting Period for candidates.  People can argue about the importance, or lack thereof, of contributions, but the candidates who raised and spent the most in 2009 won. Continue reading…