Wanna run for office in Longmont? First hire a lawyer and accountant

As if it isn’t difficult enough already to find qualified people to run for city offices, I wonder if it’s a mistake to keep adding to the red tape that we expect them to cut through in order to be elected. Is it reaching the point of having to hire a lawyer and an accountant in order to run for the office of dog catcher? Continue reading…

Election 2008: How Longmont Voted

After the dust had settled from the 2008 General Election, I was curious how the city of Longmont’s precincts voted in aggregate on various key races. This specific information was not published anywhere, but with the help of Boulder County’s Election Results 2008 site and some spreadsheet software, I have extracted totals from Longmont’s 57 precincts (#’s174-230). Results are listed below, along with some personal observations on each race. Continue reading…

LA032: Vulgar signs, Marxmiller lawsuit, campaign limits, and the Election Task Force

December 8, 2008 Show

Blue Christmas by Wiser Time

Longmont Examiner’s “Longmont Lights” about
Roosevelt Park Ice Rink Continue reading…

LA023: October surprises, Times-Call against RTD FasTracks, Dusty Hughes and Polaradio artist spotlights


September 29, 2008 Show

Fuzz by Lords of Fuzz

October Surprises” and general
election comments and opinion Continue reading…

Council should avoid telling voters how to vote

Speech made to the Longmont City Council August 17, 2004 by Chris Rodriguez

There’s an item on the agenda tonight that apparently doesn’t warrant a public debate or discussion of. A resolution of the Council urging Longmont citizens to vote “No” on the ballot question regarding collective bargaining for police and fire employees. Seems either staff, council, or both, don’t want or need to hear what the voting and taxpaying public think. Since this is still a democracy and you are our representatives, I’m asking you NOT to vote in favor of this resolution. Continue reading…