Enviros shoot themselves in the foot

Wednesday, Oct. 31 was a perfect fall day for a walk around Longmont’s scenic Lake MacIntosh trail.

But what did I encounter on the far east end of the trail near the Harvard St. power station?

A 40-foot stretch of anti-fracking graffiti drawn on the path with the words… “Wake up and smell the…benze”, plus a ban fracking symbol. Continue reading…

Times-Call graffiti backpedaling

Over the last month, the Longmont Daily Times-Call has had a few front page stories about graffiti in the city. These included large color pictures of the “artwork” and bio’s of the “artists”. There has also been no shortage of Open Forum letters and TC-Line comments about their coverage, mostly negative. I’m going to have to stand on the side of the people claiming that the Times-Call has glamorized this behavior and the people who do it.

What was May 6, 2007’s editorial? ” Vandalism does not make you glamorous.” Really? You don’t say. But wait, you did say, in so many words the opposite with your earlier coverage. So which is it, and why the change of heart? A little heat from the police? Getting the message from your readers? Has graffiti increased since your exposĂ©’s hit the stands?

I don’t have a lot of sympathy here for a couple of reasons. First, these huge front page stories were not necessarily on slow news days. These seemed like pieces put together earlier sitting around waiting for a dull time to throw out there. Second, after numerous negative letters pointing out the obvious (except to the paper apparently), they put out another story making these graffiti artists seem like misunderstood saints. More negative letters followed.

Now they start their latest editorial blaming vandalism on the weather! It starts out with vandalism at a construction site, but also mentions spray paint and graffiti. It puts the “onus” on law abiding citizens to try to make vandalism harder on the criminals that commit it. How about a little onus on the criminals? How about some more onus on you, the Times-Call, to be a little more responsible with your reporting and commentary?

It gets really rich with the editorial staff asking that these “vandals should take a little pride in their community”. Among other things, isn’t that what makes them criminals and vandals, a lack of pride in their community? Before you point your finger at law abiding citizens, and even the vandals you’ve essentially glamorized, take a look in the mirror. You’re part of the problem.