Longmont’s Liberal/Progressive Thugocracy

The following was sent to the Times-Call for publication, they refused to run it for reasons unknown at the time of this posting. I ran the subject matter by a few random people, all were outraged and asked why they hadn’t heard about it. I wasn’t going to write about it as it’s old news to me, but apparently unknown by most. I assume the Times-Call isn’t running it because of the subject matter, but they’ve been running some pretty screwy Open Forum letters lately, so that can’t totally be it. I also assume this is something plenty of people in Longmont, while disturbed by it, would find interesting – dare I say newsworthy. Continue reading…

Free to be deranged and delusional

You may have noticed our motto on the right as “a mentally balanced community of adult contributors“.  If on the other hand you’d like to see what the alternative looks like, I can point you in that direction if you prefer.

It would be a full time job correcting the lazy writing and fact checking of our local leftward loons, but that would assume they have much of an audience, so why waste the time?  Previously, they claimed my wife was at some function she was miles from, and now one of their contributors claimed I wrote something I didn’t, and that I “write for big money”.  I’ll wait for you to stop laughing. Continue reading…

Some on Left show hypocrisy on race relations

The following appeared in the Sunday April 4, 2010 Times-Call as a Guest Opinion.  Further comments follow at the bottom.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s sick and tired of hearing this feigned outrage from the Left about racism and bigotry in America.  The recent guest opinion of Tom deMers and the ongoing vitriol from other local and national mouthpieces has further upped the ante of the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to race relations.  This laughably coming from the pro-slavery party of the 1800’s, deniers of funding for a Washington D.C. charter school made up mostly of African-American low income children, and pushers of abortion in the inner cities.  Yet they mistakenly think they have some moral high ground in this area.  Based on what I ask, the old “lie told enough times” theory?   Continue reading…

Lib/Progs unsurprisingly play race card

This site and its authors have more interesting and important things to do (and say) than respond to gutter techniques of the Leftwing nutjobs in Longmont.   Apparently they aren’t getting the attention they need, so as if right on cue they go down the racist route.

On one of their sites (which also ran in the Times-Call) they posted some rantings from a “Tom DeMers” with the line “Makes you wonder if (Glenn) Beck spends his weekends under one of those white hoods.”   Always be careful when you see the telltale signs of race baiting when you see other lines like:  “…a socialist African American president with a funny name“.  Try as they might to paint everyone who disagrees with President Obama or the liberal/progressive agenda as racists, well, it takes one to know one.

Recall the “provocative victimization” piece I recently wrote.  This is where they poke and prod hoping for a reaction, and when they get a reaction they cry like the stuck pigs that they are.  Well, one of their main stuck pigs continually uses the imagery of a chihuahua to describe myself, yes I’m partially of Mexican descent, as are many Longmont residents.  Keep in mind, these are the same people who couldn’t use any racial epithet too low on the former East Boulder County Politics website, reminding me I should return to mowing lawns or what it is my people” do.  The fact they constantly bring up the KKK in Longmont I guess should be considered a threat.  Something I’m saying or doing is apparently getting under their own “white hoods“.

(They can’t get enough of me, but refuse to link to my website.  Not being an internet hog, I’ll point you in their direction as I’m certainly not hurting for traffic or visibility.  You can find them at Free Range Longmont, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Muskrat Hunt, and Dooty & Honor.  Be warned, much of it is not PG-13 rated.  It’s basically a couple of people – mostly and almost exclusively M. Douglas Wray aka “doogman” and “MacWebGuru“, and Kaye Fissinger– plus a few random nobody’s and kooks.   Freedom of choice and information is a beautiful thing, if they’re more your cup of tea, have at it.  You’re welcome for the free plugs.)

When people perceived to be on “my side” say or do something stupid, I just start the stopwatch to see how long it takes for the screwballs on the “other side” to make hay out of it.  It’s to be expected and not a big deal.  But when they go out of their way to show their hateful and often bigoted side, and then preemptively whine about the expected backlash for doing it – that’s just a sign of someone that’s not mentally balanced.  Here’s an example:  “John Doe is a crimminal, he’s German so he’s sort of like a Doberman, and I’m gonna post pictures of him on the internet – oh woe is me now that he’ll probably respond and hurt my feelings.”  Well, this is exactly what they just did, with the preemptive whine “…anonymous hate comments on the TC in three… two…

I often don’t go for the easy, low hanging fruit.  I also don’t have to post anything anywhere anonymously.  Again, do I really hold back here? No.  I guess it would be easy to go after their spouses (as they often do with me) but I feel sorry enough for them as it is (their spouses that is).  It’s not in my genome to go after their race (as they often do with me) because, well, I don’t know or care what it is.  I don’t go after their job/career (as they often do with me) because from what I can tell they don’t really do anything, anything productive anyway.  They’re obsession with me is legion, and fairly unhealthy.  I even addressed it as far back as my second podcast, figuring early on that if I spoke up and out I’d be targeted.  Little did I know the lengths the local paparazzi, or stalkerazzi more accurately, would go.

Could be worse, could be irrelevant.  But that would entail me copying them, which so far has been their sole province.  But something they aren’t copying from me is their racist leanings, that sadly is done all on their own.

The Left’s provocative victimization scheme

You need to make your own determination on what you believe when it comes to these threats supposedly being made on both sides of the political spectrum.  Based on my own experience I (shockingly) tend not to believe our friends on the left, with good reason:  I’ve caught them lying repeatedly, and have witnessed their tactics first hand.  What’s so humorous is when they cry and whine after someone does to them exactly what they were doing previously. Continue reading…

Losers just can’t stop losing

Talk about a losing streak!  A Times-Call Open Forum letter from recent City Council loser Karen Benker and some comments in the always entertaining comment section at the TC online website got me to thinking.  Fellow LA contributor Dave Larison and I have been throwing back and forth the growing list of failures and defeat of the Longmont leftwing losers – sort of like how a pair of cats toss around a dead or dying mouse.   Continue reading…

Longmont LEFT caught lying again

Over at the Longmont Advocate-wannabe website (oh, I have to say their name as obviously inept as they are they need all the help they can get: Free Range Longmont), they’ve now resorted to flat out lies and complete fabrications for content.  I’m sure it will be pulled down once they figure out someone has “punked” them, but this is more of the comedy gold that the Loony Left Without A Clue is purporting as a “source for news”. Continue reading…

Longmont LEFT out of Heaven(Fest)

A self-described “charlatan of limited understanding” tried to plead his case for Longmont to halt the permit process of the HeavenFest Christian concert festival at Union Reservoir.  This was the disconnected, fanatical, deranged, lunatic (or fill in your own adjective) fringe at its finest.  The video is worth watching, along with the hilarious commentary, which you can see at this YouTube link.

The speaker is non-Longmont resident Duane Leise, who is also theregistered agent for “What’s In It For Longmont?“, the LLC that’s currently listed as delinquent with the Colorado Secretary of State, which is ironic in and of itself as these same people were just seen recently picketing a reception for a Secretary of State candidate.  The other names in the LLC filing should sound somewhat familiar:  M. Douglas Wray, Kaye Fissinger, and Anita Lynch, sort of a who’s who (more like a what’s that?) of the Longmont leftwing scene.

We keep being told by them that their problem is not with religion or “the good people” who attend certain churches, so are we supposed to take it as a coincidence that they almost exclusively target churches?  Examples:

  • LifeBridge Christian Church – where to start, they got their name and reason for existence because of the Union annexation and development.  But they couldn’t stop at agreeing to disagree, there was no level they wouldn’t stoop to.  This has been written about here and other places ad nauseum, and all they accomplished was pushing a church out of Longmont into the welcoming hands of Firestone with probably lower property taxes (not in Boulder County) and more lenient building codes (like sign height limitations).
  • Rocky Mountain Christian Church – the same hate filled diatribes aimed at LifeBridge were also voiced by these same people in the case of this church’s expansion plans.
  • Front Range Christian Fellowship Church – the church by the Super Walmart they went after because of its very modest expansion plans.  Remember this article and YouTube video of Councilmember Sean McCoy making his usual cheap shots?  That was followed up by Kaye Fissinger making her usual demands from the podium.                …and now
  •  HeavenFest – they are using every medium available to put a stop to this Christian-based concert festival: their own new website, Longmont Ledger, local radio, city council speakers, etc.  Sounds like it’s all for nothing as City Council wont even vote on this and the permit should be issued any day now.

I bring the anti-religious angle up because as you see in the video, this crank complains that people have called him an atheist for being against the LifeBridge development.  Maybe they have, but that’s not why people find this group detestable (notice he didn’t deny it?).  I personally don’t care what the religion or politics are of these people or anyone else for that matter.  It’s the intent and actions that speak louder.  These people, which include most of the others who have recently spoken out against HeavenFest, aren’t content with just making their case – they have to go into character assassination of the groups they are fighting against or people who may not agree with them.

Just look at the rants on their websites (those that haven’t been deleted, that is) and how they talk at City Council meetings.  It’s no wonder the two candidates they’ve put up for election (Kaye Fissinger and WIIFL co-founder Richard Juday) were trounced in their run for city council.  Yet all you’ll hear is that we just had a low voter turnoutwho’s stopping their supporters from voting?  Yep, it’s nonsense.  Fact is they don’t have the support they think they do – they’re screwballs in the eyes of most normal, rational people in the city.

So, remember, laugh when you hear them say “this has nothing to do with religion”.  Or better yet, make a drinking game out of it! 

(I invite commenters to help me recall the names of the people who have spoken out against the bulleted points above)

Shooting professor a leftwing “oddball”

I know, “leftwing” and “oddball” is redundant, but the story of an Alabama professor who opened fire (yes Longmont Leftwing Loons, she used a GUN) at a school instantly reminded me of some of our local screwballs and stalkerazzi.

From the Boston Herald, these quotes were just too good to pass up on. While you read the following, think of our local examples and keep in mind that she’s a far left loon (aka Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/etc), not some right-wing pistol packin’ mama.  Dr. Amy Bishop (pictured) was described as: Continue reading…