Latest remapping plan would have Longmont share House districts with other communities

Longmont will continue to have to share House seats with neighboring cities and towns over the coming decade if the Colorado Supreme Court signs off on the Colorado Reapportionment Commission’s latest statewide plan for redrawing the boundaries of the state Legislature’s 65 House districts.

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Colorado high court rejects plan for new legislative districts

The Colorado Supreme Court today rejected maps of newly drawn state House and Senate districts, saying too many counties were split by the new boundaries.  The court’s 4-2 decision sends the map back to the Colorado Reapportionment Commission, which must draw new maps and resubmit them to justices by Dec. 6.

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New Longmont districts fairer

(The following appeared in the Saturday July 23, 2011 Longmont Times-Call)
The recent redistricting of state House districts was good news for Longmont residents. After the last census, HD11 was gerrymandered to snake down the Diagonal Highway to include parts of Boulder. This gave the Democratic Party an advantage of 37 percent to 26 percent over Republican-registered voters. This was no mistake and served the last two representatives well, but not their constituents. Continue reading…

Rigged system candidate wants more rigging

In an upcoming Times-Call Open Forum letter (don’t ask how I know), serial candidate Bill Van Dusen laments the possibility Longmont will only have one state house representative.  He says “It is improper to allow the city of Longmont to have its own, exclusive state representative“.  Apparently he didn’t get the recent explanation I gave as to how Longmont will still have two representatives. Continue reading…

Longmont ignorati awakens to redistricting debate

Uh oh, the scam that was the State House redistricting that took place a decade ago is about to be pulled out from under the rugs of the shysters who support it.  While the commission charged with deciding the districts had already been in session for hours, local liberal/progressive mouthpiece Kaye Fissinger told her mentally challenged fellow travelers to contact said commission members.  A little late for that, genius. Continue reading…