Evans: If it walks like cronyism…

By Clay Evans
You don’t have to be a Republican to know that politics in Boulder County are more or less dictated by a powerful Democratic Party — indeed, by a relatively small inner circle — that faces absolutely no challenge at the ballot box.

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Latest remapping plan would have Longmont share House districts with other communities

Longmont will continue to have to share House seats with neighboring cities and towns over the coming decade if the Colorado Supreme Court signs off on the Colorado Reapportionment Commission’s latest statewide plan for redrawing the boundaries of the state Legislature’s 65 House districts.

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Colorado high court rejects plan for new legislative districts

The Colorado Supreme Court today rejected maps of newly drawn state House and Senate districts, saying too many counties were split by the new boundaries.  The court’s 4-2 decision sends the map back to the Colorado Reapportionment Commission, which must draw new maps and resubmit them to justices by Dec. 6.

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