Gift idea for your congressman: reading glasses

The not-so-shocking news came out that our excuse for a congressman (man, woman, person, whatever – I haven’t heard she’s ashamed of her gender or genitalia) Betsy Markey (Democrat CO-4) is going to run for re-election in 2010. As a congratulatory gift I suggest each and every one of you send her a thoughtful and much needed gift. A pair of reading glasses.

She admitted in a radio interview that she didn’t read the stimulus bill that she blindly voted for back in February, and as Amy Oliver pointed out it was nearly impossible to read the latest “cap and trade” bill either: “The final version ended up being 1428 pages long with some 276,000 words. At an average rate of 250 words per minute, it would have taken her 18 hours to read the cap and trade bill assuming she did nothing else — not sleep, not eat, and took it with her to the bathroom.”

I found out recently during a conversation with some people that they don’t care that she didn’t read it. I was asked how a particular Republican voted, to which I had to point out that person isn’t in the current congress. It was a nice redirect move that people attempt when trying to deflect blame from their own guy’s shortcomings, along with asking if I thought all congressmen read bills before they vote on them. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, so yes, they either read it, ask for more time, or vote against it.

But more to the point, I’m talking about my congressperson here, the one I get to vote for or against, the one that’s supposed to represent me. I don’t call or write congressmen from other districts or states – not that there’s anything wrong with that – but I just don’t. I might start though as it appears we’re currently stuck with a representative that isn’t all that bright, and is lying if she admits to reading this latest bill.

Speaking of representing, and I know how so many of our local political buffoons like to point out what’s red and what’s blue around here, who exactly is Betsy Markey representing? Is she representing Boulder or Denver? No. Let’s take a look at how this congressional district voted for President in 2008:

John McCain (Rep) 49.54%
Barack Obama (
Dem) 48.66%

So, Ms. Markey has voted for a stimulus package (that she didn’t read) that is working so well that they are thinking of another, since they underestimated the trouble the economy is in (to which I ‘d suggest they look at my weekly foreclosure reports). Then she goes and votes for this cap-and-trade (AKA tax and kill) bill that amounts to a massive tax increase and job killer. It doesn’t matter if this bill dies in the Senate – her vote in favor of it should be used as a sledgehammer on her during the next election cycle.

Speaking of jobs and foreclosures, you Obama/Markey voters who have or are on the verge of losing their jobs and houses, happy so far? Things going swell? That stimulus trickle down to you yet? Look forward to saving 2 cents a month on those neat (but dangerous when broken) light bulbs? Making plans for those gas guzzling vehicles that must go to lower our global temperature (or is it raise now)?

It’s okay to admit to being bamboozled (Obamboozled I like to call it), also known as a bait-and-switch. I just ask next time,
a) pay a little more attention,
b) stay off the bandwagon,
c) avoid the hero worship in politicians, or
d) vote on the Wednesday after Election Day.

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