LP027: Times-Call refuses to run an editorial, 2 papers say vote NO to fracking ban, and election predictions

On Episode 27 of Longmont Politics, Chris talked about the Times Call refusing to run his “Longmont’s Liberal/Progressive Thugocracy” editorial, and made some comments in general about the newspaper/media industry.  Then it was onto Ballot Question 300 (the ban on fracking) and how it’s main speaker is now saying that if the ban (and cost of lawsuits or private property concerns) gets too expensive, we can just repeal it in a special election!  Chris read the editorial by four councilmembers asking voters to vote NO on 300, and then played audio of Longmont City Council Mayor Pro Tem Gabe Santos speaking to council – as a private citizen – also imploring voters to vote NO on 300, citing the excellent Denver Post editorial requesting the same.

Chris then passed along rumors on the campaign trail relating to 300, and thoughts on the St. Vrain Valley School District mill levy 3A and how they are illegally placing yard signs all over the city.  It was then on to observations around the city, including the shortage of Obama yard signs, and the possible outcome of the various races, including State House, Congressional, and Presidential races. And yes, some predictions were made.

Music played in this show was “How The World Ends” by Modern Science – courtesy of Music Alley.

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Longmont’s Liberal/Progressive Thugocracy

The following was sent to the Times-Call for publication, they refused to run it for reasons unknown at the time of this posting. I ran the subject matter by a few random people, all were outraged and asked why they hadn’t heard about it. I wasn’t going to write about it as it’s old news to me, but apparently unknown by most. I assume the Times-Call isn’t running it because of the subject matter, but they’ve been running some pretty screwy Open Forum letters lately, so that can’t totally be it. I also assume this is something plenty of people in Longmont, while disturbed by it, would find interesting – dare I say newsworthy. Continue reading…

Times-Call endorses Jeff Ilseman for RTD District I

Today (October 29, 2012) the Longmont Times-Call endorsed Jeff Ilseman for RTD District I.

Of a field of what appears to be four capable candidates for the District I director’s position, our recommendation to voters is Jeff Ilseman of Longmont, who has served on the Longmont Transportation Advisory Board, the Public Policy Committee of the Longmont Area Chamber of Commence and the Judicial Performance Commission of the 20th Judicial District.

Read more at Times-Call

Anti-photo ID is pro-fraud

(The following appeared in the Sunday May 27, 2012 Times-Call)
I’d like a straight answer from our liberal/progressive/socialist friends on why they are so against requiring photo ID when voting or registering to vote.

It’s mostly a rhetorical question, as many of us are aware of the answer.They claim profiling, racism and intentional disenfranchisement — but their position essentially is encouragement of voter fraud for political gain, plain and simple. Just a means to an end. Continue reading…

LP006:Fracking making citizens angry, and State Senator morphs into a flying toaster

On this weeks Longmont Politics, we started with fracking and how some people were unhappy with the 7-0 vote by city council to NOT extend the moratorium.  Recently retired City Manager Gordon Pedrow has become more vocal since retiring and citizens are letting everyone know how they feel about him.  Times-Call letters in response to other letters.  And finally, the bizarre YouTube sensation that claims Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer is a flying toaster and recently took on Godzilla in a fight to the death.

Colorado Peak Politics:  Brandon Shaffer has a YouTube problem
Colorado Peak Politics: BRANDON SHAFFER VS GODZILLA: Latest Installment Of Viral Video Series Appears Online

Longmont Examiner: Longmont Family launches radio station

Join Chris Rodriguez and his guests as they talk about the topics of the day. While the show will lean towards Longmont, Colorado with emphasis on politics, there’s no limit to where the show might go and may apply to your hometown. Leave a voicemail which we may use on-air at (720)924-1080

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Scrutiny begins for Longmont city manager candidates

Eighty-six people want to be the next city manager of Longmont.  About two months from now, one will get the nod.  As the city enters the holidays, its recruitment of a new city manager is hitting high gear. The last applications of an 86-resume pile came in Nov. 15, the result of a national search to find a successor to 18-year city manager Gordon Pedrow.

Read the rest at Times-Call

Responding to the letter writing ignorati

As an “agenda-setter”, as opposed to the usual “responders”, I’m going to once again make the rare response to some responses to my observations.  Starting to see why the site name was changed to “Lightning Rod“?  Read the tagline at the top of this page again:  “a person or thing that attracts and absorbs powerful and esp. negative or hostile feelings, opinions, etc.”   Continue reading…

Longmont Area Dems go on attack for mayoral candidate Coombs

Ah, the company one keeps.  In the case of some local candidates (Sarah Levison, Sean McCoy, and Dennis Coombs) that company is fairly slimy indeed.  If you haven’t heard, the local leftwing lunatic fringe has all but taken over the Longmont Area Democrats organization.  Their stink will follow the above mentioned candidates quite closely, trust me.  Here are their latest escapades: Continue reading…

Dems launch propaganda barrage


After turning one-fifth of the nation’s economy, our once-private health-care system, over to the federal government at God only knows what cost and in defiance of the people’s wishes, the Democrats are frantically attempting to save face by unleashing a propaganda barrage the likes of which this country has never seen. Already their clever handiwork is showing up in the local media. Continue reading…

Smells like team spirit?

It’s ironic to see how some of the more toxic of the self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ in town are finding their sources of entertainment these days.

Case in point: Longmont’s Twin Peaks Mall, which used to be the source of 22% of Longmont’s tax base and now due to the economic downturn, is hovering around 6%. Seems these self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ in Longmont can’t wait to see if it goes down on the newest council members watch so they can barf up a headline “The Baum Squad blew up the Mall!” Continue reading…